Join Help Introduction: basic principles

Introduction: basic principles

Principles of the game

Sulkyland is a virtual reconstitution of the equestrian world. Virtual horse races are run 24h/24 and 7d/7 in several virtual racetracks.

You are the owner of your horses and have to manage your stable to get the horses of your dreams and make them enter the most prestigious races.

You are the trainer of your horses and have to define the best training techniques to make their capacities progress at best. Also, you can entrust the training of your horses to other players.

You are the jockey of your horses and have to make up the best running strategies to lead them to victory. You can entrust them to other players as well.

As a breeder you can cross your horses to give birth to the best lines that will make the performances of each generation improve.

You can buy and sell horses or offer your stallions as studs, trying to find the best deals.

As at the racecourse, you can bet on the races (normal or combined bets...). Some races offer jackpots divided between the winners of the bets, that can be a gold mine for you.

You manage your own racetrack and you can make up your own races or competitions.

Many and varied rankings give you goals and allows you to measure your progress month by month.

Many communication tools (chat rooms, web mail, forums...) allows you to talk with other players, to join together into clans, and to meet new friends.


Description of the game

From the main page, you write down your username and your password to login to your account. You can notch the box “Remember me” to avoid filled up the blank again at each connection.

Once logged on, on the left top of the screen, you see Sulkyland’s hour. It is the hour which is used as reference for the play and define when the start of the races takes place. You also see the weather which makes it possible to know the state of the track (light, dry, flexible,…), clicking on it you can consult the weather forecast. You see the number of players connected at the same time as you. A click on it allows you to see the list of the connected players in detail.

While clicking on Sulkyland's logo, you go back to the login page.

At the right of the logo, you see the main menu. While clicking on your username, you see all the options related to your account. The link "Join a clan" enables you to search a clan or later to do actions related to your clan.

The sulkies are the virtual currency of the game. They are useful to you for bets, inscriptions to the races, etc. By opening this menu you will find means to obtain more sulkies, to follow your portfolio...

The alert menu allows you to access directly the important information (messages received, demands from other players...).

There are 3 worlds in Sulkyland : Almina, Bezir and Chorus (in computer terms they are different "servers").You can have different stables in each world. You will find different competitions in each world. You can easily change of world by clicking on the button which is at the right of the name of the world. Some rules are different on Almina and Bezir (the oldest worlds) and Chorus.

The main menu gives you access to all the other possibilities of the game, principally related to the roles you can have (punter, owner...).

Below the menu you see your current page. At the right you will find the help button. A click on this button which is present in all the pages will directly take you to the part of the help related to your current page (if this exists).


The lists of data

On many pages you will have lists of data (the list of your horses, of the messages in the forums, of the trainings to do, of the players' rankings...).

For each kind of list you can find a filter (here above the filter to search a horse to buy). Choose the criteria you want (i.e. a horse with a price between 0 and 50,000 sulkies) and the sorting order. When you click on "Filter" the list is calculated according to your criteria. By default you only see the first 2 lines of filters. If need be you can see the others by a click on the filter area or by using the scrollbar. If a filter is active, a button appears below the validation button to cancel the filter.

Below the filter you see the number of lines found, the buttons to change of page (the buttons with numbers indicate the page numbers, the other buttons take you to the first page, the previous page, the next page or the last page).


Use rules

1) Be careful with pirates
You should have a password complicated to find. A good password is composed by numbers, letters and special characters, and is at least 8 characters in length.

Never give your password to someone.

2) Be careful with swindlers

If somebody propose you something too beautiful to be real, it is precisely because this is not true, so don't be naive and get all the guarantees you can before dealing with other players (i.e. check their number of days on the game and the quality of their stable on their player's card).

3) Courtesy and fair play.

Courtesy is de rigueur on Sulkyland. Public insults can lead to a sanction which can be at worst the elimination of your account (see the general use conditions from the page "My username" - "My account").

Fair play (respect of the rules, show tolerance to involuntary mistakes committed by others) is strongly recommended.

4) Multi-accounts

Multi-accounts are accepted on condition that :

- Maximum 3 accounts by family (that's to say one or several persons sharing the same internet connection).

- It is strongly recommended that different accounts of a same person be specialized (for example one stable for flat and one for trot). The name of the accounts have to share a common root (example : myaccount-flat and myaccount-trot).

- Horses coming from 2 accounts belonging to a same person can't be a part of a same race. The different accounts of a same person can't both take part in a bid.