Join Help Tutorial: part 2

Tutorial: part 2

Training a horse

In the menu click on "Trainer" than "My trainings".

The column "Daily training" indicates that your horse has no training ("None").


Click on the link "None" to open the training window.

At birth, your horse has genetic values for the 5 genetic components : speed, resistance, suppleness, obedience and constitution.

The aim of training is to increase these values, until each characteristic reaches a maximum (the bar becomes red).

In our example, the horse has not reach his maximum speed, so we will give priority to speed for his training. If your horse is already at his maximum speed, favour the rise of his resistance now.

The training consists in performing a ride, series of grounds among flat, climb, descent, river, mud, jump. According to the combination employed, it will improve one characteristic in particular, or several ones. Taking all the characteristics as a whole, some trainings will be better than others to make your horse progress.

To help you, there is a drop-down list called "Use a method". If you want to improve the speed, use the Sp4 method that will only make speed progress, but strongly. If you want to improve resistance, use the R4 method. I you want to improve speed a lot and suppleness and constitution a little, you can use the Sp2SC method.

For each step of the ride, you can choose the length of the step, in order the total length matches the maximum distance. The more a horse has a good constitution, the more his ride can be long. And the more the ride is long, the more the horse progresses.

You can choose the strength of the training too (slow, normal or pushed). For the time being, let "Slow".

When you chose a training, click on "Save". The training won't be performed immediately, the stable-lad (actually the program) will do it once a day at an hour that you can't choose (usually between 0h and 8h). Coming tomorrow, you will see how much the genetic characteristics progressed.

Now we will see how to breed horses.


Breeding horses

You can buy horses to improve your stable, but breeding your horses is less expensive (in sulkies) and very interesting to think about.

There are 2 conditions to meet to allow a stallion to breed a mare:

  • the stallion and the mare must have the same speciality (flat, hurdle or trot).
  • both of them must be 3 years old or more.

To make your first crossing, begin with the creation of a stallion, for example a 3 years old horse for flat, and a mare of the same speciality, which is 3 years old too ("Owner" page - "Create a horse").

Then go to the page "Breeder" - My mares".

From your mares list, click on the link "Breed with one of my stallions" to open the window where you can choose the stallion.

Then click on the button "Inseminate" at the right of your stallion's name.
Horses are born on the 1st of each month, and take one year more every 1st day of the month. Gestation lasts 20 days at least. The sooner date of birth is proposed to you according to these parameters.

You just need to click on "Save the demand" to validate the insemination.

The foal inherits the genetic characteristics from his parents (or a little more, or a little less), so the breeder's goal is to study the genetic characteristics inherited by the foals to favour the improvements that seems more important for him.


Race viewer

Now you can go back to the page "Owner" - "My horses". If the column "Last race" contains information, click on the date of the race to see the result of your first race.

Now click on the button "See the race" to start the race viewer, and enjoy the performance.

You might have won, but I'm sure that your first victory is within easy reach and will give you a thrill.

You discovered the basic possibilities of Sulkyland, so you still have to discover the other possibilities now (to be a racecourse manager, bet on races, use the "Buy/Sell" module, communicate with other players, discover the little bonus games...) then to deal with all the content of Sulkyland's game in depth. The rest of the help, composed by chapters, is about all the possibilities, but you will discover their subtleties only with experience or taking advice from the new friends you can meet on the game.

Have fun.