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Sulkies and subscriptions

Free sulkies

The sulkies are the virtual currency of the game. So you need them to bet, buy a horse, enrol your horse in a race, etc.

You can receive 4 000 sulkies by day when you login to the site if you agree to see advertising.

If you don’t receive these sulkies anymore, check several things:

- On the page "Sulkies balance"-"Free sulkies", check that you did not inactivate advertising.

- On the "My username"-"My account"-"Change my options...", check that you did not inactivate advertising.

- On the page "Sulkies balance"-"Account statement", check if you did not already received the sulkies without being aware of it.

- On the page "Community"-"My messages"-"Options", check that you did not inactivate the reception of the automatic message that informs you that the sulkies were transfered to your portfolio (so you don’t receive the message anymore, but the account statement would have indicated to you that in fact you received the sulkies).

You can receive sulkies offered by our sponsors too. Some offers only need your inscription to their site, others are related to buying one of their products...

You will receive the sulkies more or less quickly according to the offer. If you have a problem with an offer, you can directly contact the customer service of Fyber (the manager of the sponsoring system) using the link "Assistance" at the end of the list of the offers.


Buy sulkies

If you need sulkies, you can buy them at any moment on this page.

You first have to choose your country in order we show you the list of adapted payments.

Then you have to choose your method of payment, and to click on the link "Click here to buy" in relation with it.

Then you can define either the number of sulkies you want to buy, the sum you have to pay will refresh automatically, or the sum you are ready to pay, the number of sulkies you will receive will refresh automatically.

The more sulkies you buy at once, the less expensive they are, so we recommend you to group your purchases of sulkies in order it is more attractive for you.

For example, for 5 Euros, you get 550,000 sulkies (110,000 sulkies by euro), but for 100 Euros, you get 30,000,000 sulkies (300,000 sulkies by euro).

According to the payment method you used, you will receive gift points in addition to these you can win in cups, to obtain sulkies or free subscriptions.

Then click on Pay to get indications about how to pay your purchase (this depends on the payment method you chose).


Buy subscription

The basic principle to buy subscription is the same than to buy sulkies, except that you can choose the subscription you want too.

In free formula (called Micro Team), you have right to a maximum of 10 horses in your stable.

The subscription gives you right to a higher maximum number of horses, with the automatic payment of a certain number of sulkies per day (added to the ones obtained with agreeing advertising), with the exemption of the maintenance costs within the limit of the number of horses of the subscription, and to exclusive options.

Formula Basic monthly price Number of horses maximum Sulkies offered each day
Micro Team Free 10 0
Mini Team 1.80 € 30 6 000
Maxi Team 5 € 100 20 000
Extra Team 10 € 250 40 000
Giga Team 15 € 500 60 000

When you subscribed, you can switch your subscription for a bigger one (or a smaller one if the number of horses in your stable is not too high) using the link proposed on this page anytime.

You can prolong your subscription before it ends, to avoid staying without subscription and so with limited possibilities.


Use my Gift points

You get gift points (Gpts) when you buy sulkies or subscription using a recommended payment method (i.e. paypal).

You can obtain Gpts when you arrive in the first 10 of the final of a cup on Almina and Bezir.

Sometimes (for some challenges) we can offer Gpts too.

Then your Gpts can be converted into sulkies or subscription when you want it.


Account statement

The account statement enables you to know the detail of all your movements of sulkies (debits and credits) during the last 7 days.

The filter can be used to select a part of these movements, as the list of your bets or the operations linked to the name of a particular horse, for example.

This page enables you to access the links to give sulkies to another player or to transfer sulkies from one world to another.

Each time sulkies are transferred, we withdraw a 10% tax. So the account statement enables you to see the tax that were taken.



The page "Accountancy" enables you to consult the total of your movements of sulkies by account and by month, so it gives you a synthetic view of your activities and, for example, enables you to notice if you win more sulkies than you lose when betting.

The history of the accountancy is available for consultation during one year.



If you like our game, you may want your friends to join you to play. We invite you to send a message to them.

After entering the email address of your friend, you can give a personal touch to the message, you only have to keep the link which is already included because it's by clicking on it that your friend will be identified as your sponsored friend, and so will permits you to earn 400 sulkies as a reward.

If you own a website, we advise you to use our system of sponsoring banners.
The link "Sponsored friends" enables you to see the activity of all the people you sponsored.