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Chat rooms

The chat rooms permit to you to chat live with your friends, to meet new people...


When opening the chatrooms you see the list of the available chat rooms just as the number of people logged in to each room on the right.

You can create your own room, you will be its moderator. If you don't open your room regularly, it will be automatically deleted.

To take part to a chat, click on the name of the room.

Once in the room, you see a tab that shows you where you are. You can click on the different tabs to move from a room to another one.

At the right, you see the list of the people connected to the room. A crown near a username means that this is the owner of the room.

The writing area is at the bottom of the window. When you press enter, you send your text to the chat.

You can click on the link "Help" to access further details about the use of the chat rooms. You will discover how to use smileys, how to block some people you don't want to talk with, how to access special commands...