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If you want to share your passion for horses, your passion for Sulkyland or if you simply want to speak about you, we provide you a system of blog.


The blogs

This page gives you the list of all the articles published by players. You can select them by language or sort them by date of creation or number of riders.

Click on the title of an article to see its content.

You can leave a comment on an article.

If you see an offensive content (insults, disturbing pictures...) you can click on the link “Report to the moderators”, thus we will check if the content needs to be deleted and if its author has to be sanctioned.

If you see that some authors publish contents that bore you, you can use the link “Blacklist the author” in order he doesn’t appear in the list of the articles anymore.
As author of an article, you can blacklist a commentator in order he can no longer leave comments on your articles.

To remove a blacklisted author or commentator, use the links available on the page “Communicate” – “The blogs” to access this lists.


My blog

Before publishing the content of your article you have to define some parameters :

- the title of the article, which has to be eye-catching to encourage players to read your blog.

- the catch phrase, which sums up the content of your article briefly and efficiently.

- the language, to be ridden by players searching for articles in your language.

- you can “Close the article to comments” and then avoid receiving inappropriate comments.

- an article can be seen only by the members of your clan.

- the status of the article can be used to save it as a “rough draft” if you have to wait before it can be ridden by others. You can “delete” it too in order it is no longer visible for anybody. So the status “activated” is the only one where your article can be ridden by other people.


For the content of the article, you can use all the possibilities offered by the buttons to format your text (bold, align center, font size...).

Buttons permits you to edit html sources, if you want to refer to other websites (this is authorized, except if it is a link to another horse racing game).

You can insert pictures in your text. These pictures can be host on other websites or on Sulkyland thanks to our system of picture management (see the page “Username” – “My pictures”).

You dispose of the possibility to create tables.

If you want to take advantage of an advanced formatting, you can use the “Html” button which allows every kind of formatting enabled by this language.