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Adverts are displayed on the right column of the main pages of the site and on this page.

An ad costs 10,000 sulkies and will be shown 10,000 times to all the players (except to the players who inactivated the ads' display).

When you publish an ad, you can target players of a particular language. You can't choose an hour or a maximum number of display by person...

After 48 hours, an ad is automatically inactivated even if there is a quota of publications remaining.

You can't publish more than 4 adverts at the same time.

You can publish an ad of all kinds, fitted with the game (search of a jockey, recruitment for your clan...) or not (selling equipment, advertising for a site...). The only stipulation is that your ad must be visible for all publics. Personal messages, insults, defamation, provocation are forbidden. If you don't respect this rule, the punishment can go as far as a deletion of your account.

The column "Already seen" indicates the number of clicks that were made on the ad ("Learn more") to discover its details.

You can change or stop your ads at any moment. We recommend you to stop the publication of ads that became useless to avoid obstruction of the advertisement area.

The last ads published are displayed as a priority.

You must be a subscriber to publish an advert.


Buy/sell a code

This module enables you to sell "secret" codes. They can be allopass codes or ticket surf that must be used afterwards on Sulkyland by the purchaser, or a pair of username and password (for example an account that you don't use anymore) or any other "secret" message that will only be given to the person who will win the sale.

Take care, these sales are placed under your whole responsibility and the one of the seller. If the purchaser is not satisfied with your sale (i.e. if the code doesn't work), we won't be able to rule the problem, therefore we won't take any sanction against anyone (except if there is an obvious proof). By purchasing a code, you thus accept the fact of fully assuming all the consequences.

Selling codes can be made as selling horses or matings, that is to say with a fixed price, in reserved sale or at auctions.

To put a code for sale, your subscription must still be running for the next 30 days at least and you must have more than 90 days of connection on the game.

Before buying a code, check that the seller seems serious, that is to say he has a number of days of connection quite important (at least 100 days) and a good stable.



A partner is a website where somebody deliberately inserted a link to Sulkyland, and where visitors clicked at least once during the last 30 days.

If you own a website and you want to support Sulkyland, or if you want members of Sulkyland to discover your site, we invite you to become a partner. Moreover, members coming from your site and registering on Sulkyland will be considered as your sponsored friends and you will earn sulkies each time they log in.