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Scratch game

This game permits to bet sulkies, to scratch and win until 128 times your bet.

The frequency of the tickets is :

Earnings for 100 sulkies Number of tickets of that kind for 10,000 bought
12 800 1
6 400 3
3 200 10
1 600 35
800 100
400 400
200 1500
100 (your money back) 3000





The frequency of earnings is :

Earning for 100 sulkies Chances to win this earning, out of 10 000
20 000 2
10 000 4
5 000 8
2 500 16
1 200 40
600 70
400 100
200 3350


Taking care of the boxes

This page gives you the list of all your horses with a simplified presentation and enables you to access the games "Caress my horse" (caress him with your mouse and when you reach 100% a surprise is waiting for you) and "Take care of my horse".


7 different tests are waiting for you in this game. Each day you connect to Sulkyland you can discover another one. Follow the instructions of the character to know what you have to do.

At the start, your horse is in his box and you see the outside of it. Bring the mouse on the right to see the horse in his box.

You can make the horse go out of his box by taking the halter hung on the door and placing it on the horse's nose.

The tools you need to take care of the horse are in the storage box at the bottom of the picture.

Your goal is to discover by yourself how to realize the tests, but if you feel blocked you can ask for help on the forum "Help center".