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I subscribed and I received 4000 sulkies only

The 4000 sulkies are deposited at your first connection each day. The sum of your subscription is automatically deposited each day around midnight (even if you don't connect), so it is deposited "in addition" to the 4000 sulkies. You can find these payments on the page "Sulkies balance" - "Account statement".


I lost all my horses, I don't find any horse to purchase...

When a list seems empty, it may be because you defined a wrong filter. For example, if you enter no maximum age, the program considers you mean 0, and searches horses who are under 0 year old (and there are no horses like that on this page).
To easily reinitialize the filters with correct values, you can click on the icone on the bar of page numbering.

Check you did not simply changed of world by mistake too.


The race viewer doesn't work

Try do uninstall and reinstall flash player, this is sufficient to solve the problem in most of the cases.


The race viewer is running jerky

Go on the page "My username" - "My account" - "Change my options..." and change the value of the option "Race viewer" to put it in "2D".


The content of the pages is "strange"

When you don't see on your screen what you should see, that often is because your browser display an old version of the pages, because it did not ask for the new version to our servers.

To try to solve this problem, you can go on your browser's options and delete the temporary files (also called "cache" in some browsers).