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My mares

Covering a mare means preparing the birth of the foal. Foals are always born on the 1st of the month. Gestation lasts 20 days, so it is not possible to prepare on the 12th of the month a birth for the 1st of the following month, for example.

You can only cross stallions and mares of the same speciality (flat, hurdle or trot).

A mare must be 3 years old at least to be inseminated, so her first foal can't be born before she is 4, even if the insemination can be prepared a long time before.

Each mare can have 2 foals waiting to be born, therefore you don't have to wait the foal's birth to prepare the next gestation.

You can prepare the first training of the foal for the day of his birth as soon as the insemination has been validated.

A stallion must have at least one point of mating quota to cover a mare.

A male can cover several mares at the same time : tick the boxes on the left column of the list of your mares, then click on the link "Cover the selected mares by one of my stallions" to select the stallion of your choice.

You can buy "rights of covering" to other players of the market. Then you can use them for your mares. You have 90 days after the purchase to use them, after that they will be automatically deleted.


On Chorus:

Stallions have 10 "matings" (authorized coverings) when they are born, but they can only start to use them when they are 3 years old.

To win additional mating quota, they have to take part to reglementary races, competitions or cups, and they will win more or less quota depending on their final rank and the number of runners:

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
2 runners 2 matings        
3 runners 2 matings 1 mating      
 4 to 6 runners 3 matings  2 matings  1 mating    
 7 to 12 runners 4 matings  3 matings  2 matings  1 mating  
 13 to 20 runners 5 matings  4 matings  3 matings  2 matings  1 mating


On Almina and Bezir:

Stallions gain 1 right of covering per day starting from the 57th day after their birth.

My stallions

You can use this page to choose what mare will be inseminate by your stallion.
This pages enables you to sell "rights of covering" (matings) to other players who will be able to use it freely later.

The "matings" can be sold at a fixed price, put on reserved sale for a particular player or sold at auctions.


My foals

This page enables you to follow the career of all the horses coming from your stable (you owned their mothers at the insemination), even if they were sold to another player.

As a breeder, you win 2% of the race earnings of the horses from your stable.


Matings available

This page shows the stock of matings you bought. You can use the button "Cover one of my mares" to use a mating with one of your mares or you can use the recycle bin to delete a right if you are no longer interested in.


Suggestions for breeding

Genetics of a foal is defined by a combination of genetics of his parents. For each genetic component (speed, resistance, suppleness and obedience), he can be close to his mother, close to his father, or close to the average of both of them.

Breeding is above all else a matter of statistics. You have to study the results of your crossings to find the better stallions or mares (if you want to favour speed, favour stallions with a good speed, who give it to their descendants in addition).

Tendencies can be find, but there is no certainty that a horse will give a genetic component to all his descendants.

Some horses transmit some characteristics and improve them strongly in addition (on the contrary others transmit and degrade them). They are the best potential breeders, but they are difficult to find as their results are less stable than horses who improve characteristics moderately.

Biorhythm is never inherited from the parents.

Racing careers, training methods, harvest moon... have no influence on genetics. Only genetics of the parents have influence on genetics of the foals.