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Trader: purchasing and selling horses and matings

Purchasing a horse or a mating

The first step to buy a horse or a mating is to define what you are looking for. The filter, very complete, is there to help you in your choice.

The type of sale permits you to choose the horses sold for a fixed price or at auctions, or the horses that are specifically put on sale for you (reserved sale). You can see the bids made for the auctions that are interesting you.

You can search a horse by his name or by the name of his owner.

You can filter by speciality or by sex.

You can filter by age, extended earnings, price, basis score, speed or resistance. All this criteria have a minimum and a maximum, so you have to enter a minimum lower and a maximum higher than what you are looking for. For example if you don’t enter a maximum age, you will find no horse because the program will search for horses being less than 1 year old.

When you bid at an auction, the sulkies you want to invest are not withdrawn from your account, so be careful not to invest to many sulkies than you could do, because if you couldn’t honour your offer (because you have not enough sulkies, or because your stable is full), you will have to pay a fine.

Matings can be sold in lot. You can buy only one mating from the lot, a part of the lot or the whole lot.

You can tick the boxes of the left column to select a group of horses and then use the drop-down list at the top of the page to buy the selected group.

You can accept or decline a group of selected horses on reserved sale.

Be careful, the data of the trader module are not linked in real time to the data of the horses, so you need to check there were not an important change in the horse's card since the last synchronisation of the data between the trader module and the horse's module (horse having reached is maximum, change in the earnings...).


Horses or matings bought

You can find on these pages the last purchases you made during the past 30 days.


Sell a horse

This page is used to sell a horse or to cancel a notice of sale.

A horse at auctions who already received bids can't be removed from the sale.

Be careful, don't put a horse for sale instead of a mating.

This page allows you to define who can see the characteristics of each horse. When a horse is for sale, his characteristics and biorhythm are automatically visible for all.
It allows you to retire a horse. If you retire a horse by mistake, you can cancel his retirement clicking on the word "retired". If a retired horse is not in this list, his retirement can't be cancelled anymore.

You can sell, retire or change the genetic display of all the horses selected by ticking the boxes of the column at the left of the list. In case of sale, the price you enter concerns each horse, not the whole lot.


Sell a mating

This page is used to sell matings of your stallions, subject to their remaining quota.
You can sell your matings in lot. The mentioned price is the price for each mating sold. Purchasers can buy only one mating of the lot if they want to.


Horses and matings bought

These pages enable you to consult the history of the purchases made during the past 30 days.