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There are 3 kinds of forums:

- general forums, where you can talk about the general organisation of the game (news, bugs, clan...) or about things not related to the game (miscellaneous, other sports...).

- competitions forums, which are used to organize competitions, to keep informed of the changes of the rules, to consult the specific rankings of each competition.

-the forums of your clan, in which only clan members can take part.

Please respect the forums’ themes to make moderator’s work easier and to facilitate .

Any aggressive attitude is forbidden in the forums, whether it be defamation, insult or provocation... Any misbehaviour may lead to sanctions more or less strict, going from prohibition of speech during one day to the definitive closing of the account.

Each forum can have “use rules” (link in the top right-hand corner of the threads in a forum). You are invited to consult them (especially to know the rules of the competitions).


Becoming a moderator

Any player of Sulkyland can become a forum moderator.

This job is unpaid.

It isn’t worth asking to the webmasters to become a moderator if you don’t fill the following conditions.

The qualities we want you to have to be moderator are:

  • An attitude beyond reproach.
  • Being respectful to the other players.
  • Having spent at least 6 months on the game.
  • Being a subscriber.
  • Using good spelling and grammar (SMS language forbidden)
  • Having good communication skills.
  • Staying calm in case of problem.
  • Being connected regularly.

If you want to become moderator of a forum, keep an eye on the calls for helping the current team, and apply for this job by contacting the moderator who is searching someone.