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Join a clan

To be part of a clan is very important to enjoy the game as best as possible.

First, clans are a place of information. The older players will help you to understand the game's subtleties, and will allow you to progress faster.

They are a place of solidarity too. A lot of players are ready to help you financially (sulkies donation) or materially (horse donation).

They are a place for meetings. All the communication tools have a specific mode for clans, so you can develop strong relationships, and like a lot of players, become real friends with your clan members.

Finally, some races are reserved to clan members, and some competitions are reserved to clan teams. Being the member of a good clan will increase your chances of glory.


Find a clan

While you are not in a clan, you can access the list of all the clans, and propose your candidacy to join your favorite clans.

When you apply for a clan, you are not accepted automatically. The clan administrators will decide if they accept you, if they ask you further details before to make their mind or turn you away.

It can happen that you receive an offer from a clan, for example if you talked on the chat room with someone and gave him the desire of recruiting you.

You can create your own clan too, so you can gather your own team around your values.


My clan

When you are part of a clan, you access different possibilities:

- you can resign at any moment.

- you can give sulkies to your clan, and thus supply a a kitty to organize things in common or participate to the clan solidarity. There is not 10% of tax for a donation to a clan.

- you can see the list of the clan members, and the last time they logged in.

Members can have 4 different status:

- member: he has no particular right.

- recruiter: he can send invitations to other players or validate the demands.

- moderator: he can delete the messages in the clan's forums.

- owner: he has all the rights.

Owners can:

- change the general parameters of the clan (emblem, address of an external site, motto). The name of a clan can never be changed.

- give sulkies to a clan member.

- fire a member or change his status.

- give a horse of the clan to a member of the clan, or retire him.

Members who had not logged in to the game for more than 90 days are automatically dismissed.

If you give a gravid mare to your clan, the foal will be born in the clan's stable.

The clan's horses are trained by the "webmaster" (automatic training).

Each horse of the clan have a daily 100 sulkies care cost. If there isn't enough money left on the clan's portfolio a horse will be taken by the webmaster in exchange for 2 000 sulkies and will be sold by the webmaster.

The clan can own maximum 10 horses by member. So a clan of 5 members can have maximum 50 horses assigned to him.


Clan bank

Each clan is authorized to create one account "clan bank", according to the following conditions:

  • The clan must be composed by at least 2 active members.
  • To create the bank, you must have an email address different from the address of your player account.
  • The name of the bank must be : "name of the clan + bank".
  • A bank can't write on forums or public chat rooms.
  • A bank can't make horses run except in the races of the clan.
  • A bank can't create races except clan races.
  • A bank can't take part to auctions.
  • You can subscribe your bank if you want.

The bank account is created like a normal account, going to the main page of the site then clicking on the button "join now".