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Today some changes were installed :

- Creation of a new ranking : the ranking "player" that takes into consideration profits and costs in punter, owner, trainer, jockey, breeder and manager.

- Possibility for the managers to reward players until the 7th (no change for the reglementary races which keep the same ratios of earnings until the 5th).

- Removal of the general forums of German, Dutch and Italian players (they were never used), thus the players for these languages will be redirected towards the English forums.

- No more webmaster races for defined ages above 10 years. They will be only races for 10-16 years (they were too many races for more than 10 years).

- Global passage of sulkyland in https (http secure).

Only on Chorus at the moment (that will be put on Almina and Bezir afterward if this pleases the players of Chorus):

- Modification of the impact of drive on the speed.
What is not "whipped" will remain closer in speed than the "whipped" speed. It will mean tighter small packs, but also more risks of encumbering.
It will increase the records on the distances which are not whipped all along, because the horse will go faster with all the other drives.
It will have a low impact on the driving points (the points shown by the program will remain the same, but you can possibly get 1 or 2 points more, so if in the future landmaster see that he needs to adjust that, he will do this).

- Creation of a new type of race : the races with "random Genetics".
These races will be created by the program. They are opened to all the horses. There will be 24 of these races created by day, without handicap, in 3 disciplines, always on the same distance (2400m). If this system is successful, it can become more diversified later.
The cost of registration will be 100 sulkies and the profit-earning level of 15. The earnings will be counted in free earnings.
They will have no impact on the biorhythm, the balanced time, the records and will not appear in the history of horses.
They are races "just for fun" (they will be called "Fun Fun Fun"), where all the horses have the same chances on start (for this races, new genetics will be randomly generated for horses, in a range of low amplitude), and where the age does not matters (1 yo horses will have the same capacities as 8 yo). Geldings won't have any advantage.
Only drive will have a major influence to differentiate the horses (all the horses will have approximately 150 driving points). So in these races, chance (the chance of having slightly better genetics) will be more important than in the other races too.
But they will be races where beginners and older players should have equal chances, and that will allow beginners to practice on drive more easily.
New players will stick around if one of their first horses are immediately competitive. We lose too many newbies because their first horses suck and they dont know which races to enter. Please keep up the good work. I love this game!!!
12 years on I still don't have any lol