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List of amendments of 9 April
Here is the list of changes published on 9 April:

1) Some cup races will now be in the 9-16 age group instead of 10-16.
2) Cup specialities will be created on a regular basis: flat on the 1st of the month, the day after trotting, the day after hurdle, the day after flat, ...
3) It is now possible to create regulated races for 6-9 year olds
4) Kdo points for regulated races or competitions are now only given for races with at least 6 starters.
5) It is no longer possible for a created horse to be "max".
6) It is possible to enter a clan site url that starts with https://
7) Regulated races where all starters are the same owner are cancelled at the time of the final validation of the entries (and a penalty of 500 sulkies is applied, as currently for races without the minimum number of entries).
8) The "Sulkuplus"-"Partners" page has been removed (as it has become useless) and is now a "Sulkyland 2023" page which will become the starting point for those who want to participate in the progressive tests of the next version of Sulkyland.
9) The help will be modified regarding these changes later today.
10) The facebook connection has been updated to comply with new facebook guidelines, but unfortunately it is not working at the moment, I am working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

nice one
like the changes gets my thumbs up
Is possible to say how to make matings in Chorus with horses repro that have no chance of winning races because they have no speed? Mostly horses preco after one mounth of life?
I hope you do how something or Chorus is dead with only 10 matings all life!
I want to organize a race on the racecource manager page. However, even if 2 horses are registered in the race for which the minimum number of entries was 2, the "canceled because of not enough entries" notification comes.
hs stable