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20 years
That's it, Sulkyland is 20 years old. Thanks to all of you for allowing the game to reach this point.

After webidrome (launched in June 2001), koolturf, then sulkyland, the new version will be called (which I call woh for short).

The very first tests of the new version will start in a few days (no functionality will be available, only a registration process and a "forum"). As soon as it's open I'll put the link (which will not be at first) and the first indications in another news.

As I already said, this development will be long (at least 2 years), but I want to involve you all along the process, so that this new game meets the expectations of the majority, that's why you will be able to use it from the beginning and assist to its development in all its phases.

And to answer a question that some people are asking, this new version will not replace the current version, it will be a "4th world" or a competing game in which you will just have advantages because of your seniority on sulkyland.
Sulkyland itself will continue to live on even when woh is up and running, as the very foundations of this new game will be very different (notably the fact that it aims to reach a wider audience, by allowing all types of horse competitions). There will also be a key difference in that there will be no subscription system, and no sale of "game currency" (more on this when it starts to be developed). And there will also be a big difference in that it will be aimed at smartphone players (it will also be installable as an app), so it will not be designed for "horse factories" (with all the facilities of sulkyland to handle large quantities of horses at once) but for fun with fewer horses and less information to consult (because there is less space on a smartphone screen).

To sum up, Sulkyland is 20 years old, and it will continue to exist for many years, but as the latest changes that have caused so much discussion have proven once again, it can no longer evolve (its technology is obsolete, and its foundations are too rigid), so I have to start on a new basis to allow it to continue to conquer the hearts of horse lovers, and this new basis will be called World Of Horses.
I think its too hard to win races as underdog. Almost everything is about to breed a top horse and the races are therefore not very realistic. It is completly impossible to win as underdog if not all the other horses faulte. Would be fun if the tactics had more meaning and impact too. Good horses are most important, but in real races the underdog can win with som luck and good tactics.
nyberg stable
Let's go to a another 20 years...
team vincennes
Happy Birthday SL. Been around for just over 15 of those and still struggling lol
happy birthday SL and similar to gdh been around a long time and hope for another 20+ years and am still trying to conquer sl lol