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An update has been made.
I've just published a small update, it fixes some small bugs that were reported to me. These are just general bugs (e.g. if you put a ; at the end of a message recipient list, it also sent the message to a "random" person), it doesn't make any changes to the races, genetics or other aspects of the competition.

I also upgraded the 3d viewer engine to the new version (babylon 5). According to my tests it is 50% faster, so it may allow some people with less powerful computers to see the races in 3D better.

The most important announcement is that from the 1st of december 0h00 it will no longer be possible to retire mares expecting a foal. This has become necessary because some people were abusing this possibility. This is in a little over 3 months, so that gives them time to get organised.

The development of woh continues, it is now possible to make races where the result is based on the "intelligence of the jockey". Unlike sulkyland, in woh the jockey is an "independent" character, who therefore decides the best strategy "according to him" in real time during the race. As woh will be very different from sulkyland, I'm spending much more time than expected to develop it (each part is thought differently), so it won't be ready in 2023 as I hoped at the beginning. And so, since it will be very different, it confirms that it will not replace sulkyland, but will be available in parallel. It also means that sulkyland will be able to benefit from the work done on woh at certain times (the switch to the babylon 5 engine for example was made easier because it is the one I use for the woh viewer, so I studied the differences between version 4 and version 5). The ability to create tracks with very different shapes in woh for example will also be easily adaptable to sulkyland when it is well developed in woh.

cos'è woh?
Woh dovrebbe essere un nuovo gioco di cavalli, dove conta il fantino mentre si svolge la corsa puo interagire. Quindi dovrai essere presente quando si svolge la corsa,,,,,,Cosi mi sembra di aver capito...
awe cant retire me mares i dont need after i breed them.....
Dal 1° Dicembre non si potranno più pensionare cavalle pregne! Danno enorme a noi allevatori da 400/500 nascite al 1° del mese, complimenti. Aggiungo anche le mie lodi per le nascite dei puledri preco con mt1600 d'allenamento anche lì una genialata degli ultimi mesi così la Velocità Top del mese non vince più dopo 5 giorni....che bel gioco è diventato!
P.S. dopo 5 anni è giunto il momento di staccare la spina?
Ouch that is going to hurt - I agree w1/w2 but I think a delay w3 for the retiring breeding mares as we need more horses in the game - Hurdle horses are very rare and hence so are the hurdle races.