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Christmas Bonus + mare retirement
I remind you that the Christmas bonus is activated since October 1st. For each sulky purchased, 2 sulkies are offered. In addition (this is new information, not a reminder), I will draw lots at the beginning of January for 5 people who bought sulkies or subscriptions between 1 October and 31 December, and I will offer them 1 year's subscription to giga team.

And I would like to remind you that as of December 1st at 0:00 it will no longer be possible to retreat mares in foal. Even if some people have expressed their disapproval loudly, I still think that this measure is necessary for the balance of the game, and therefore for the good of the vast majority of players.

should be a 3 strikes your out rule for those whom have abused the system those who play accordingly get punished for there fault oh well hope all works out.....