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Happy new year! 2024 🎊🎆🎄
De meeting plat chorus Monde Chorus A jorsh; patriarca; refusilo; roter; tehem; melkisedek; hbkchile; sanctuary; johny®; panezio; 🇺🇸racing stables🏇; magal competition; tonyjet; ilscanpio; super act...
freddy146 1/22/2024 5:55 AM
wow have i been here that long 15yrs
cant believe been here for so long still trying to be the best in almina and bezir chorus can wait lol seen a lot happen over those years and have been with the brtish clan for a while now seen some g...
eca1 3/15/2024 2:32 AM
I am still around but only just
I woke up or so I thought to someone pounding on my chest saying come on Gary you can do it. I was almost right but it turns out that I was already in hospital after 4 heart attacks over the previous...
gdh1968uk 3/15/2024 2:32 AM